Non-Profits We Support

The Kaplan Family Foundation has selected four non-profits to support; we encourage you to read about them, consider donating to them, or volunteering with them directly.

Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House ( has quietly been serving a special group of individuals since 1981, providing a “home away from home” to outpatients and relatives of patients hospitalized in 30 Atlanta area hospitals and medical facilities. We offer lodging, meals, supportive companionship, and comfort from a committed staff, volunteers, and fellow guests during what is often a crisis period.

Contribute2America ( creates effective change in the lives ofhomeless or near-homeless individuals through one-on-one interaction and consistentinvolvement in their lives. Furthermore, C2A provides exponential impact, partnering with otherexperts and organizations on every initiative to serve our cities, our communities, ourneighborhoods and our clients to the fullest.

One Good Deed ( matches community volunteers of all ages to older adults& people with disabilities to aid them with simple daily tasks. Volunteers not only providecompanionship and encouragement, they help with a variety of day-to-day activities frompreparing a meal to playing a game or changing a light bulb.

Ruffus Rescue ( is a non-profit dedicated to the reduction of needlesseuthanasia of adoptable dogs in north Georgia. Most of our dogs come from rural animalcontrol shelters. They receive necessary veterinary services such as vaccinations,spay/neutering, and microchipping, and we care for the dogs as our own until loving,permanent homes can be found.